Importance of Covid safety equipment

Despite being at a great risk of losing their health and lives we know many people- front line workers such as doctors and nurses, essential workers and many more who go to work every day to keep the world functioning. These people often do not have the luxury of limited social contacts and interactions and are therefore at a higher risk of getting infected. SARS-CoV-2 is known for its “stealth-like” infection as it can survive in humans without causing any symptoms from two days up to two weeks, and in some people, throughout their entire infection. The infection rates among these workers are rising at an exponential rate and it is very essential to thoroughly understand the importance of covid safety equipment in a workplace.

PPE includes any equipment that protects an individual from health or safety risks. Importance of Covid Safety equipment In an industrial setting, it includes head gear, eye protection, visible coating and safety footwear.

Safety equipments

Face masks

Covering your face with your palms or elbows while you sneeze or cough is not enough. Tiny droplets of your saliva that gets flung into the air is more than enough to spread the virus. This is why masks are essential – for the infected and those around them.


Studies have shown that mere disinfecting of your hands like you do with germs are not enough to kill the virus. Hence, sanitizers are a good precaution but, gloves can definitely help you in the long run. We use our hands for everything and covering them up can do a lot of good.

Disposable uniforms

Employees working in environments where there is definite social contact can use disposable uniforms as a very effective way of preventing transmission of the virus. They can be used by health care professionals who closely interact with patients on a daily basis.

Need for PPEs

According to the government of India, these are some of the major uses of PPEs:

1- It helps in minimizing the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus disease from one person to another.
2- It protects the lungs of a healthy person while breathing in contaminated air.
3- It also provides protection to the eyes of the healthy person from the infectants in the contaminated air.
4- It provides protection to the skin from coming in contact with the infected materials.
5- Coveralls are made up of impermeable fabric which acts as a barrier between infectious materials and the body parts along with the skin.

Safety 1

PPE for the public

It is essential to incorporate PPEs in today’s world because although the virus was discovered months ago, we are still learning new things about the virus every day. Better safe than sorry! It will prevent you from spreading or catching the virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published guidelines on basic protection against the virus, which include practicing hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water regularly, social distancing, and respiratory hygiene by covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

PPE for the health care workers

The likelihood of a health care worker getting infected is 3 times more than that of a regular person. The reliability of patients is very slim when it comes to them disclosing personal details and there have been instances all around the world where entire hospital was shut down due to a cluster spread. A wrong step or a wrong information could lead to the endangerment of several people.

The employers are required to take the proper size which may exactly fit and be comfortable for each employee. It is advisable to follow the guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO) and provide equipment accordingly Uniformtailor has a variety of PPE equipment such as masks, gloves, disposable uniforms etc. that are of high quality.

Customize it according to your needs with the color, branding etc. and make sure to keep the safety of your employees in mind at all times.

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